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Composed by Shelley - Handcrafted Bracelets
About Shelley

A self-taught, bracelet designer and a full-time music teacher,  Shelley's compositions are inspired by music, art, fashion, nature & culture.  Her bracelet designing started with her daughter as a fun Summer break activity.  Shelley found that by handcrafting these beautiful bracelets, it was another creative and meditative outlet to express herself.

Many of her creations are improvised just like her piano compositions. (Here's a link to her piano site.)  Through travels and discovering her roots by being handed down original vintage buttons, Shelley has added some of these unique elements to personalize each beaded leather or bead loom bracelet.

Jewelry designer, music teacher
Jewelry designer, music teacher
I love art, fashion, culture, nature and all things musical.
Intermezzo - Brahms
A very calming piece to listen to while beading.
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