Composed by Shelley - FIND YOUR WRIST SIZE
Composed by Shelley - Handcrafted Bracelets
How to find your wrist size

When measuring for your size please take a snug, exact wrist measurement below wrist bone towards your elbow. You can either wrap a soft measuring tape, a piece of paper, or a string around your wrist tightly, with no slack, to find your correct size.  I make my bracelets to accommodate the clasp length and a comfortable fit for your wrist size.

Where the soft measuring tape meets to form a complete circle around your wrist (fitted), read and note the number where the measuring tape meets the 0 or overlaps. If you have used string or paper to measure around your wrist, mark where it meets to form a complete circle around your wrist (fitted) and then measure it against a ruler.

ADD 1 INCH TO ALLOW ROOM FOR LARGER BEADS such as the bracelets with
8mm semi-precious stones.

(If you are buying a bracelet as a gift, please keep in mind that the average male wrist size is 7-8 inches, and the average female wrist size is 6-7 inches.)

wrist measure chart2