Composed by Shelley - TESTIMONIALS
Composed by Shelley - Handcrafted Bracelets

"A heartfelt thank you to all of you who purchased my newly found art form.  It was good to see some familiar faces and meet new fashionable friends!  You wear my compositions beautifully!" - Shelley (designer of Composed by Shelley)

"Proud owner of a few of Shelley's pieces and I love them all! They are of high quality and very unique. Goes with just about any of my outfits, and I always get complimented on them!" - A.

"Just have to say, Composed by Shelley's bracelets are beautiful! I have purchased a few already and constantly get complimented on them!" - Zohra

"Most guys wear very little accessories or jewelry but I love these bracelets Shelley has designed. They are modern without being trendy and I wear them everyday with my suits or just casually on weekends. These bracelets are perfect if you want to add a little Sprezzatura to your dress." - Edward

"I just want to say it was nice to see you at the craft fair last night. Thank you for making the lovely beadloom bracelet. i love love love it!!! and it goes beautifully with my brown wrap leather bracelet that I got last year. I didn't intend for them to go together, it just turns out that they do. [most great things in life are unintentional, yes :)]- Brenda

Wide cuff beadloom bracelet with size 11 Delica seed beads, ultrasuede olive ends and sliding adjustable clasp"Simply beautiful! Enjoying my new wide cuff bead loom bracelet. You are so creative and artistic!" - Debbie

"I love the variety of bracelets that I was able to choose from! The bracelets look great on all ages. I love the fact that the pieces I own are so versatile!" - Angela

"Absolutely love your bracelets, Shelley!  You are so talented and creative. Having bought a few of your bracelets for myself, I just had to buy one for my best friend, too.  Now we can wear them together!  I like mixing and matching them with my wardrobe.  I've had lots of compliments on your bracelets and look forward to buying more in the future.  Keep up the great work!" - Keri

A fashionable client who wears my double wrap black leather bracelet beautifully!" It was so nice to meet you and your Mom the other day at the Scandinavian Festival!  I love the wrap bracelet that I bought (well, actually my Mom bought) from you, it goes well with my other jewelry.  You do beautiful work Shelley!" - Sandra B.

A fashionable new client wearing Composed by Shelley's latest Fall bracelet collection"Bought some gifts for myself from Composed By Shelley. Shelley is nice and patient! Great knowledge with materials and colours!" - Joyce C.

Italian Concerto in F by JS BACH
A lively, vibrant composition to bead with efficiency and creativity!
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