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The metamorphosis of Fall
Fashion inspired
New Japanese Delica beads
Crazy Beading
Hand injury


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My Blog

The metamorphosis of Fall

The metamorphosis of Fall leaves, absolutely inspiring and beautiful!

The metamorphosis of Fall is the most colourful and ever-changing environment.  I am always fascinated with the beautiful leaves and the transformation that takes place.  My beadloom bracelets give me the opportunity to bead with this colour palette in mind.
Wide 3cm cuff beadloom bracelet with Delica seed beads and camel-coloured ultrasuede ends and adjustable clasp

Fashion inspired

3cm wide cuff beadloom bracelet in Delica size 11 seed beads with ultrasuede ends and adjustable sliding claspmy inspiration for colours for my beadloom bracelets is found in this beautiful Hermes silk scarfMy inspiration for this bracelet from a beautiful silk Hermes scarf.

New Japanese Delica beads

I'm very excited to start beadlooming with my new Japanese Delica beads by Miyuki.  They are named, "Silk" and come in beautiful Spring colours!  Pictures to be posted soon!

Crazy Beading

Beading like a madwoman to get ready for my first craft fair in N. Vancouver Sunday, November 3rd.  So excited!

Hand injury

Never clear the gutter w/o gloves and get stabbed by a holly leaf!  Left hand was very swollen for a few days and I couldn't bead or play the piano.

Burnaby's Rhodofest 2013

That was a record breaking temperature day for Burnaby's Rhodofest 2013 at 30 degrees Celsius!!  Thanks to all who came by just to say "hi" or to purchase a new bracelet to add to your Spring wardrobe.  So many talented artisans there.

Bright, sunny Spring weather

I'm hoping the weather will hold for Burnaby's beautiful Rhododendron festival happening May 5th.  It's been great to take my bracelet pics on a bright, sunny day.

Ready for Spring!

I was so happy to see the sun out today to take pictures of my newest Spring bracelets.  Highly requested wider 2cm bead-loomed bracelets done.

Bead loom

Bead looming WIDER styles, coming soon!

Bead Terminology

Some of my customers have been asking about the meaning of "AB", Duracoat & Galvanized.  What do all of these fancy terms mean regardingMiyuki Delica beads? The short...they're different finishes or coatings on the beads.  The long...AB= Aurora Borealis effect (think Northern lights--wow!!), Duracoated beads have a longer lasting, more "durable" finish, to retain the colour & finish, Galvanized is a silver plating on the surface of the beads to retain the finish especially in metallic beads.